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Sissy Remi was born out of a young lady's desire to build a lasting legacy for her mother, Remi. Her mother would always tell her that she had to be a lady, from the way she walked to the way she spoke. Sisi or Sissy means Lady in Yoruba (A Nigerian Language). Hence, Sissy Remi is the expression of her mother's belief that a woman ought to be Graceful, Respectful, Well Spoken, Sophisticated, Stylish and Confident

We are makers and sellers of beautiful things. We specialise in creating timeless pieces that infuses both culture and elegance. Our collections are put together for women who want to embrace their femininity; adorn their culture and have access to instant sophistication and class.

Our Commitment


Excellent Product & Service

It is our commitment to keep on improving on our products and the services we offer hence we are open to receiving feedback. We are committed to innovation and artistry focussed on creating  timeless pieces that tell your story.


Preserve Heritage & Culture 

Although Aso Oke is not the only fabric/material used to make our products, it forms the foundation for a number of designs.


Așǫ oke, (pronounced ah-SHAW-okay) is a hand loomed cloth indigenous to the Yoruba tribe of western Nigeria. By finding alternative uses of the fabric, we are able preserve the artistry, increase demand internationally and provide employment to local craftsmen/women. 

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Sissy Remi SR is your Bridal & Couture Accessories Connoisseur. We specialise in creating timeless pieces that infuses both culture and elegance to tell your story.

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